A Craft Brewery Founded in Excellence

Our location brings with it a history that has become a significant aspect of Galt, Ontario. Set in the heart of the Gaslight District, Foundry Brewing calls the former factory grounds of the historic Goldie McCulloch site home.

At Foundry we are re-embracing the methodology and mind-set of years gone-by when hard work and heart were poured into everything you do. We are passionate about offering innovative craft brewing concepts while simultaneously paying homage to the authenticity of our roots.

Foundry Brewing will start pouring Fall 2019 at Tapestry Hall.

What’s Old is Brew Again

Breathing new life and energy into the former Factory-grounds, Foundry Brewing will offer expertly crafted beers that are artfully brewed using a combination of local ingredients, new flavour trends, complex character, and tried and true technique. Our taproom will feature four main line brews as well as seasonal batches and limited editions. Our main line staples are anything but mainstream and deliver aromatic and tasty brews that are equally as curious.

Experience Crafting Quality

Brewmaster Geoff Wiseman’s career began in 2008 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Guelph. From learning the ropes in research and development at Labatt’s, to discovering how large breweries consistently produce high quality beers at Oland’s brewery in Halifax, to mastering recipe design and heading facilities at Mill Street and Grand River Brewing, Geoff’s own diverse history and varied resume has provided him with a complete understanding of the craft on both large and smaller scales.

Foundry is privileged to have this award winning brewer and master-crafter create, invent and lead our crew to new dimensions in flavour and excellence at Foundry Brewing Inc.